Matute “After using the Super Kick for a couple of days, I was getting a different reaction from my right foot. Most, if not all, left footed soccer players cannot use their right foot…well, the Super Kick has given me that right foot that I always wanted. I feel much more comfortable using my right foot. I can drive a ball either standing still or moving. I can juggle ten times better then I could a couple of weeks ago, and my confidence has improved greatly. Take care Armando and good luck with the Super Kick. It definitely works.”

Helmis Matute (MLS team Chivas USA, VCU).

The Super Kick soccer training aid makes the kicking motion feel natural. It places the players ankle in the position it needs to be in to have a good kicking technique“.

Robert Ssejjemba (Uganda National Team, Richmond Kickers (USL I Division).

The Super Kick is a great training aid for soccer players of all ages. The Super Kick will help soccer players drive balls longer distances and give them better power and accuracy“.

Andrew Bradham (Liberty University(04,05), Clemson University(06,07))

As a college coach, I encounter many injuries during a season. It is very important that we keep our players healthy. I would recommend using the Super Kick to treat common injuries such as ankle sprains and shin splints. Players would be more likely to do rehab with the Super Kick because it is more convenient than other rehab tools. The other great thing about it is that a player can also use it to improve their kicking technique. There is nothing else out there that can be used for both purposes.”

Ben Strawbridge
(Richmond Kickers (A-League)) and Current Liberty University’s Women’s Assistant Coach