How does the Super Kick improve striking technique?

The Super Kick is the only training device in the world that adjusts a player’s ankle into a locked position to improve striking power, accuracy and technique with both feet.

Its patented design effectively trains a player’s joints and muscles. After training with the Super Kick for a short period of time, through muscle memory, a player will automatically be able to use the correct technique every time regardless of which foot is used.

In shooting the Super Kick locks the ankle (points toes down) because the bungee cord provides upward pressure on the heel which then points the toes down to strike the ball with the the laces which is the hardest part of the foot.

Passing & Trapping
In passing the Super Kick places the toes up parallel to the ground. That keeps the ball from jumping over the foot.
Punting works the same way as shooting. When goalies punt the ball, they have to keep their ankle locked.
The Super Kick reminds the player to do so.

Goal Kicks
Also works the same way as shooting with a slight variation. Here the goalie should keep the ankle locked (toes pointed down) and lean slightly backwards to make the ball go up in the air.

There are really two ways to juggle.
1. Backwards spin.
2. No spin.

To juggle with backwards spin a player must keep their toes up.
To juggle with no spin, a player must keep ankle locked. The Super Kick also reminds the player to do that.
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